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Easily Update WordPress
+ Plugins & Themes at Once

Introducing a New Era in WordPress Maintenance

It's important to update WordPress, both for the security of your site and to take advantage of the latest features and improvements. But updates to WordPress core and any plugins or themes installed on your sites can happen pretty frequently. If you're managing multiple WordPress sites, keeping them all updated can take up a lot of your valuable time.

iThemes Sync is an easy way to manage updates for all your WordPress sites from one place. Instead of logging in to each site individually, you have one place to view and install available updates, making WordPress maintenance easy.

Daily Notification Emails

Get a daily summary of available updates for each site as a helpful reminder to log in and update.

WordPress Update Logs

View a WordPress update log for each site with details from all updates made from Sync, including date/time of update, previous version and new version.

Hide Available Updates

If you've made customizations to your themes and plugins, an update could overwrite your work. Choose to ignore updates for specific themes and plugins.

Bulk Install WordPress Plugins & Themes Across Multiple Sites in Seconds

Save time and multiple installation steps

Sync's Bulk Install feature allows you to install & activate plugins and themes across multiple WordPress sites. No more downloading zip files and manually uploading or logging in to each site to search and upload. You can also activate and deactivate themes and plugins remotely using iThemes Sync.

iThemes Themes & Plugins

If you're a current iThemes customer, you don’t have to manually log in to the iThemes Member Panel to download your purchased themes and plugins each time you need to install them on a new site. Sync will handle it for you — saving you download and installation steps (so, ultimately, lots of time!) Plugins & Themes

Search the free plugin and theme directories and install themes and plugins straight from Sync. This makes installing all your favorite free themes and plugins so much easier by eliminating the step of logging in to each site, searching and installing.

Install Plugin & Theme .ZIPs

Upload your theme and plugin zips to install directly from the Sync dashboard. No more logging in, uploading and activating on each individual site.

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Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

Sync + Client Sites = Match made in heaven

Sync was made to manage multiple WordPress sites. If you're building and maintaining sites for clients, you'll love our client-driven features.

Hide Sync from Your Client Sites

To keep your clients or other site users from messing with your Sync authentication or removing the plugin, you can choose to hide or show the plugin in the WordPress dashboard of each site you manage with Sync.

Client Dashboard

With Sync Pro, you get Client Dashboard, a WordPress role manager that controls which menu items your clients see in their WordPress dashboard. Don't want them have access to plugins, themes or settings? Simplify their dashboard so they only see what they need -- like posts and pages.

Comments and Users?
You Can Manage Those, Too

Don't waste time logging in to each site to manage comments and users. View, approve or delete comments and perform WordPress user management tasks.

Designed to Make Your iThemes
Products Even Better

Integrations You'll Love

iThemes Sync gets even better for iThemes customers. We built special integrations with our best-selling products to extend functionality and add new features.

Run Remote WordPress Backups

iThemes Sync gets even better for BackupBuddy users. If you have BackupBuddy on your sites, you can make manual backups right from the iThemes Sync dashboard.

Manage your BackupBuddy Stash backups

BackupBuddy users can manage BackupBuddy Stash backups through Sync. View, download and delete your BackupBuddy Stash backups through Sync.

More BackupBuddy Actions

Save time performing more BackupBuddy actions from the Sync dashboard like the ability to download your latest backups, add backup schedules and view your backup profiles.

Enable/Disable Away Mode

Our iThemes Security plugin has an Away Mode feature to shut off access to your site's dashboard. With Sync, you can turn Away Mode on or off remotely on any of your sites running iThemes Security or iThemes Security Pro.

Release Lockouts

Using Sync, you can also see the IP addresses for any locked out users. To release lockouts, just click the Release button. All without every having to log into your site.

Track Your Sales

Track sales and recent transactions with iThemes Exchange for each of your WordPress sites directly from the iThemes Sync Dashboard.

Conveniently Update Your Sites from Anywhere

WordPress updates on the go

We know you don't always have your laptop with you. But that shouldn't stop you from checking in and keeping your WordPress sites up to date (and backed up). So we made our new Sync dashboard fully responsive. So whether you're on your phone in the food court or using your iPad on the couch, it's super easy to use Sync from anywhere. And with our free Sync iPhone app, you can stay up to date while on the go!

Enable Two-factor Authentication for an Extra Layer of Protection

Safe, Secure Site Management

Add an extra layer of protection to your Sync dashboard login with two-factor authentication. Once enabled, Sync will require both a password AND an SMS code sent to your mobile device to log in to the Sync Dashboard.

This feature is available in both the free and Pro versions of Sync. We strongly recommend enabling Sync's two-factor authentication to verify it’s actually you logging in to manage your sites.

Monitor your Site’s Uptime,
Downtime & Performance

Add Uptime Monitoring with Sync Pro

Sync Pro was made for anyone managing multiple WordPress sites. If you're building sites for clients, you'll love the ability to monitor WordPress uptime and have WordPress performance monitoring in one convenient dashboard.

Uptime Reporting from One Convenient Dashboard

Manage all your WordPress site updates and uptime monitoring all from one place. Save yourself the hassle of multiple logins and accounts!

Get Notified When Something Goes Wrong

Know immediately if a site goes down with instant email notifications.

Managing WordPress sites professionally?
Sync Pro is made for you.

Sync Pro offers additional features and services beyond the standard Sync feature set, such as Uptime Monitoring, Client Dashboard, Client Reporting and more.

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Sync Plans

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Note: Sync plans cannot be combined. If you have the 10-site plan and upgrade to the 25-site plan, you can manage up to 25 total sites, not a combined 35 sites. If you have questions about Sync plans or need more than 100 sites, contact us here.